Consultancy appointments: 1-347-987-1662 or  404-891-5607

Doctorate in Education 2005, Nova Southeastern University

Teacher, Mentor, Life Coach, Curiculum Specialist & Writer

American teacher with 22 years of experience in the classroom, ready to teach English (online) to international clients in the United States, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. She has lived more than 45 years in America. 

Certified in ESOL and English by the states of Florida and Georgia, also certified in TEFL by Via Lingua in Florence, Italy, Laura utilizes the Communicative Method and the Cowboy Grammar Method; Laura Sweeney will incorporate her own materials and those of others to teach standard American English.

You are welcome to contact Laura for more information about lessons online, by Skype or other means, for your school.

Telephone: Atlanta:(404)891-5607

New York: (347) 987-1662

Certificate from 

The British Council 

and coursework with Cambridge English.

Writing articles, poetry, and books; coaching, and teaching English .

books available on amazon * coaching * English teaching

Laura Gail Sweeney has always considered herself to be a philosopher because she has many ideas about a wide array of subjects. In her free time, she enjoys writing articles and creating visual collages to express her point of view. She is always busy creating one thing or another or just giving others her viewpoint on a topic. A few of Sweeney's books can be found on Amazon. Meanwhile, she enjoys teaching English and coaching others to utilize creativity to overcome challenges.

living a creative life * actively seeking to make a difference

Laura Gail Sweeney believes in living creatively, no matter what one does as a career, and in actively trying to make a difference in this world, in part by bringing value to others. 

Having taught twenty-one years in the United States’ public schools, it was time for a change so she decided to explore the field of strategic communication through words and visuals. She had already had 10 years of experience critiquing the nonfiction and fiction books. She was consequently invited to write some of her own chapters on education and psychology. Her goal is to work with people from across the globe as they prepare for multicultural and cross-cultural communication. If you need assistance preparing your business presentations for colleagues across the globe, she would be pleased to lend my expertise to people living in South American, in Asia and in the Middle East. Laura Sweeney is prepared to assist clients who need to improve their English writing skills or who would like life coaching. As an individual with a wide array of interests, she is ready to assist you.

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