I have collaborated on some writing projects with an international group of authors in the exploration of the narcissistic personality disorder, international parental abduction, bullying, education, writing and more. As an author with a wide variety of interests, it is a pleasure to work with the international community to better understand philosophical concepts and to understand the actions of others across the globe. Working with others, even helping others express themselves in writing, remains one of my primary interests.


I worked with several authors on this project while I was also doing some graduate work in communication at National University. This book explores relational models of psychopathology that are destructive to intimate relationships. These models have similar features. They are all: (1) generational; (2) relational; and (3) fundamentally reactive processes stemming from existing psychopathology. It took two years to work on this project along with the rest of the team of authors. It includes much information on parental alienation of children, bullying, and psychopathology. 

         Hooper, Lisa M., Luciano L'Abate, Laura G. Sweeney, Giovanna Gianesini, and Peter J. Jankowski. Models of Psychopathology: Generational Processes and Relational Roles. New York: Springer, 2014. Print. 

poetry and fiction projects

I have been writing poetry over the years and I've even had a few poems published by Cambridge and Oxford publishers. As I was studying poetry at National University in La Jolla, California, the Irish Giants Poetry Chapbook was one of the books I self-published.        

        Sweeney, Laura G. Irish Giants Poetry Chapbook. Atlanta: Avant Garde, 2011. Print.

Paradigms in education; parallel paradigms of authors and writers

I was studying creative writing at National University at the time I was working on various chapters in this book. This book concerns the definitions of three major theoretical concepts: (a) paradigms, (b) theories, and (c) models. It defines, compares, and contrasts these three conceptual terms. I wrote two chapters that included: Parallel Paradigms of Artists and Authors and Education. I collaborated on the following chapters: Criteria and Processes in Paradigm Selection and Information Processing

        L'Abate et al., L. (2012). Paradigms in theory construction. New York: Springer. 

sTrategic Communication projects

PowerPoint Presentation for a Communication Class at NU

PowerPoint Presentation for Communication Class at NU

PowerPoint by Laura Sweeney, Created while at NU

PowerPoint by Laura Sweeney: The INFJ Personality Type

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