My philosophy

About Me

My philosophy is to analyze everything that has to do with English, art, psychology, and politics. I also believe in helping others achieve personalsuccess, however they define success. I would love to be your dedicated English teacher, to help your with business English, or to collaborate with you on a project. I was born in the United States and raised by a professional English teacher who amazingly taught 44 years. I love the English language, poetry, the arts, and multiculturalism. My doctorate is in Curriculum and Instruction (2005). I have master's degrees in English and Creative Writing in addition to a Strategic Communication degree (in progress) that will be completed by December 2016. I once had the privilege of teaching at Berkmar High School in Georgia where we had more than 1500 former English language learners (ELLs). I was also a public school teacher who taught in Ware, Walton, Gwinnett, and Henry counties in Georgia for more than 20 years.

My Specialities

Multicultural communication and adapting to change are two of my specialties. It takes more than just understanding words on the page in order to communicate effectively in a globalized world. I have conducted literary critiques and written chapters with people from across the globe. My favorite projects included the research in education, behavior, psychopathology, and the arts. I enjoy writing occasional articles for Ezine. Those articles can be re-published if the one who uses them gives credit to the author and to Ezine. Here is the link: Ezine Articles by Laura Gail Sweeney

Certified Teacher

Certified by the states of Georgia and Florida in both English Literature and English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Certified in TEFL by Via Lingua after having completed 120 hours of extra instruction. Introductory Certificates from the U.K.: Exploring the World of English Language Teaching by the Cambridge English Language Assessment; Exploring English Language and Culture by the British Council.

university CLASSES THAT I HAVE TAKEN over the years 

This does not include teacher training done on the job in Georgia.

Strategic Communications Classes (National University): The Capstone Class, Campaign and Program Evaluation, Crisis Communications, Research Methods Com 615, Integrated Marketing Communications, Management of Creativity, Campaign and Program Management, Legal and Ethical Issues, Persuasion, Communication in a Global Environment.

Human Behavior Classes (National University): Theories of Behavior Change, Stages of Adult Development, Organizational Behavior.

ESOL Classes (National University): Cultural and Linguistics; Cognition, Language, and Culture; (Brandman University) Teaching ESL Grammar ed/B 9915; Teaching ESL/EFL Reading EDEU 9248; Introduction to Corpora English Language Teaching EDEU 9789.

English Literature Classes (National University): Literary Period or Movement, Advanced Workshop in Poetry 640B, Advanced Workshop in Poetry 640A, Seminar in Poetry 1, Seminar in Poetry 2, English Capstone Course, Literary Period or Movement II, Major Author Seminar I, Major Author Seminar II, Seminar in a Theme I, Multicultural Literature in America.

Creative Writing Classes (National University): Screenwriting 1, Thesis I and II, Advanced Workshop in Fiction I, Advanced Workshop in Fiction 2, Seminar in Literary Theory, Seminar in Fiction, Pedagogy of Creative Writing, Seminar in Creative Non-Fiction, Comparative Literary Studies.

Education and Psychology Classes (Nova Southeastern University): Leadership Theory and Reserach; Practicum I; Comparative Literature; Practicum Orientation; Curriculum Design; Reform; Theory; and Practice; Politics and Curriculum/School Improvement; Tests and Measures; Fundamentals of Reserach; Developmental Adolescence; Issues in Adolescence; Dissertation; Education Reform, Theory, and Practice; Systems Approaches; Applied Dissertation; Comparative Technology; Research and Evaluation II; Research Pacticum; Politics of Children's Issues; Child and Youth Studies; Leadership II; (West Virginia University) Advanced Teaching Strategies; Education that is Multicultural; History of American Education; Advanced Educational Psychology; Secondary School Curriculum; Classroom Organization and Management; Intro. to Special Education; Art Education in Elementary Schools; Teaching in Higher Education; Art Education in Secondary Schools; Curriculum Development; Philosophic Systems and Education; (West Liberty State College) Psychology, Human Development, Philosophy, Printmaking.

Language Classes (Middlebury College): Advanced Italian, Florence Art History, Renaissance Literature, Language Practice I, Contemporary Italian History, Language Practice II, Goldoni and the 18th Century, Independent Study/Edoardo De Filippo, Dante's Divine Comedy, Leopardi's 19th Century; (The University of Georgia) Italian Independent Study ITA 401; Accelerated Elementary Spanish SPAN 1110; Intermediate Spanish SPAN 2001; (Franciscan University) Elementary Spanish.

Art Classes (SCAD-Atlanta): Intro. Drawing, Intro. Painting I, Intro Painting II, Photography I, Modern Art History I, Modern Studies I, Painting I, Modern Studies II, Painting Year II, Visual Communication I, Visual Communication II, Painting III, Modern Art II, Nude Drawing, Advanced Painting I, Advanced Painting II; Drama, Myth, and Self; Stories about Our Worlds; Art Direction; Corporate Identity; Survey of Sculpture; The Bible in Modern Literature; Advanced Painting II; Paper-making; (University of Georgia) Art Criticism ART 835; Advanced Ceramic Design ART 760 A; Curriculum Development in Art Education ART 737; Drawing Composition ART 731; Painting ART 731; Design and Production of Educational Media EIT 718; Introduction to Teaching Art Education EAR 746; Independent Study in Painting ART 301; Independent Study in Drawing ART 301.

College degrees

Nova Southeastern University, Doctorate in Education (2005), Davie, Florida.

National University, two Master's Degrees in Creative Writing (MFA) and English Literature (MA), with a degree in Strategic Communication in progress.

West Virginia University, Masters in Education (1993), Morgantown, West Virginia.

Middlebury College, Masters in Italian Language (1988), Middlebury, Vermont, and Florence, Italy.

SCAD-Atlanta, former Atlanta College of Art (1985), Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree, Atlanta, Georgia.